(Update 2020: From the creators of Faith Trumps Fear comes "Compelled", a podcast featuring the powerful stories of Believers from around the world whose lives have been transformed by Christ)

Hillary, Trump, and an Almighty God

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Why Faith Trumps Fear

As Christians, we believe that God is sovereign over all, even over the outcome of elections. God will remain in complete control even if He allows Trump or Hillary to become our country’s next president.

As Christians, we believe that we are not called to vote for the lesser of two evils. While voters are electing a president and not a pastor, God has a higher calling on the lives of Christians than to vote for two candidates who are hostile to Him and His commands.

As Christians, we believe that votes should never be cast out of fear, unless it’s a fear of God. We’re called to trust and obey, not to fret about who the next Supreme Court Justice may be.

Other Christian leaders have written excellent articles on this topic that are full of grace and truth, and we earnestly point you to them.

We know that no matter the outcome of this election, God will always remain in control. In the words of God, "The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe." - Proverbs 29:25

What Do Other Christians Say?

If a public personality calls on Christ one day and calls someone a "bimbo" the next, is something not awry? And to do so, not once, but repeatedly? Unrepentantly? Unapologetically?

- Max Lucado

Hillary Clinton is unfit for the Presidency, but so is Donald Trump. Some Republicans may decide it is time to be a team player, but I will put my country before my party and decline to help the voters in this country commit national suicide.

Erick Erickson -

Those who are deeply untrustworthy in private will not suddenly become trustworthy as President.

- Kevin DeYoung

Eligible Candidates by State


The below list includes all eligible 3rd-party and write-in candidates in your state. Candidates are listed in the order that they are currently polling on this website. This list is intended to be comprehensive and is not an endorsement of the candidates or their platforms. As a Christian voter, please visit the candidate's website and familiarize yourself with their individual positions. For additional information on eligible candidates in your state, please refer to the notes section.

Below are the eligible candidates in your statePercentages reflect poll results from this site
2. Sources: http://www.sots.ct.gov/sots/lib/sots/electionservices/lists/list_of_candidates/2016_candidate_list.pdf
3. The official list of write-in candidates will be posted on the state's website after Oct. 25th. For more information contact the Connecticut Secretary of State office at (860) 509-6200.
4. Candidates are spelled exactly as provided by the state's election division.

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